Awareness of Implications of Breast Density Remains Low

Awareness of Implications of Breast Density Remains Low ‘Improved education necessary to augment new legislation’ Extremely high breast density, which occurs in approximately 8% of women ages 40 to 75, is associated with a four- to six-fold increased risk of breast cancer compared with women with very low density. Unfortunately, though, most women remain unaware […]

Pharmacies Miss Half of Dangerous Drug Combos

“In a recent Chicago Tribune investigation of 255 U.S. pharmacies, it turned out that dangerous drug combinations are putting millions of Americans at risk, representing an “industry-wide failure.” Fifty-two percent of the pharmacies investigated did just that, handing out drug combinations that could result in stroke, kidney failure, oxygen deprivation, unintended pregnancy, birth defects and […]

FDA Warns on Concurrent Use of Opioids and Benzos

“Boxed warnings on concurrent use of opioids with benzodiazepines or other drugs that depress the central nervous system (CNS) will be added to the drugs’ labels along with other information on the risks, the FDA said Wednesday. The announcement follows an FDA review of studies showing that using medications from both drug classes together — […]

CGx – Prevent breast cancer: anastrozole

Excerpt from an article at Cancer Research UK: “The tantalising possibility that breast cancer could be prevented by taking a pill is something our scientists have been exploring since the 1980s. In June this became a reality for some, with NICE recommending tamoxifen and raloxifene for preventing breast cancer in women at increased risk of […]

Is Your Medicine Right for Your Metabolism?

“More genetic tests aim to help predict how people might respond to many common medications” “People can respond to drugs very differently. A medication that brings relief for some patients might show no benefit at all in others, or even cause harmful side effects. … Testing patients for gene variations could avoid some of the […]

Drug-gene testing now covered by Medicaid

“Genetic test could reduce adverse drug reactions and save lives, advocates say” “Pharmacogenetics, or drug-gene testing, is a genetic test that helps doctors and patients determine which prescription drugs they should take and which they should avoid based on their genetic makeup. The test also determines the proper dosage that’s appropriate for each patient. … […]

Knowledge about gene-based heart risks improves cholesterol levels in patients

Just a few days ago, Reuters published an intriguing article about how knowledge of genetic risk factors can improve patient health. Surprisingly, knowledge about heart-related genetic risk factors could improve a patient’s LDL levels in the bloodstream. LDL is well known as “bad cholesterol”, for it’s roles in heart disease and heart attacks. While LDL itself […]